Please take the tables away

I have not posted anything in a long time and I would like to apologise for that. My live has been changing drasticly in the last six month and writing became a distant memory. But something happened last week that inspired me to give up my silience and rant once more about stuff that is utterly unimportant for the rest of the world.

After moving back to the north of Germany I started going back to the places I know, like this little cafe I used to hang out at all the time. It is a really small cafe, but it is cosy and I really feel at home there. It is just one room with a bench that stretches across two walls and a little wooden block that used to function as a table. There was space for no more than six or seven people and even this many would have to sit uncomfortably close to each other. It was far from perfect but what I really liked about this place is the fact that you don’t have the odd hipster or business man in there, sipping at there coffee and working on a laptop. There was no space to put it, because the little wooden block was just big enough for two cups of cappuccino. You ether met someone there to talk to or you read the paper, that was about it.

But all that has changed. I was quiet shocked to see that in the dark mists of night a small table was installed along with a bench that was not directly on the wall but right there in the guest room. That wasn´t right. I am usually a very calm person, but that was a bit much for me. I was alone in the room, except for the hippie-girls behind the counter obviously, my parents how I was planning to meet there haven´t had arrived jet. I asked the girl behind the counter for a medium sized americano and asked about the table and what the hell the owner was thinking. She was very apologetic and told me the story about how the how concept of the cafe was changing and the table and the bench where the start of it. That is just great. 

Not having a table and very little room to work was the main reason for me to go to that cafe. Not having to hear people talking way too loud on a telefon because they are preparing a presentation or a business plan was the best thing about this cafe. Not having a table sorted out the people that need a table to feel comfortable and those are the kind of people how think about nothing but work. I don’t want that when I am drinking a nice cup of coffee. I don’t want to have the feeling, that I could spend my time more productive, if I wanted that I would go to my office and drink coffee there. I want to be able to talk to the staff and the other guest or just read my paper in peace without the sound of a keyboard being molested by some important banker dude. Please give me back my old cafe with the good coffee and no tables. It is much better this way…

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