Drinking 101: all you ever wanted to know about booze

I like to drink, that is not a secret for all the folks how know me. I worked for four Years at a Nightclub as a bartender and that meant, that i had booze an beer and party around me 24/7. That is not a bad thing, but as I matured I got in more and more in to booze. Not in a AA sort of way but in an intellectual and professional way. I wanted to know more about the magic liquid, that fells so funny in the tummy and lets you dance as if nobody is watching.

I started where every one starts, with scotch whisky. My first bottle of liquor over 30 € was a Glanmorangie single malt 12 years old and I bought it in a local supermarket for about 45 €. How was I exited, my first ever taste of the real world of scotch. I was as nervous as a  maiden about to loose her virginity. I liked the taste, but thinking back, it could have tasted of cat piss and I still would have liked it because I wanted to like it. Although I started drinking quiet late in live for a German (I was 18, today kids start at 14,7 years to drink), I soon knew more about liquor than most of my friends. So I decided to share my insight with my fellow bloggers, trickle in a little story here and there and hopefully make you chuckle once in a while. So pour your self a glass of wine, beer, whisk(e)y or what ever, sit back and enjoy the ride 🙂

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