Valar Morghulis- The Day I realized I´m not immortal

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: „Finite Creatures.“

I had never given it much thought to be honest until one day I broke my leg. It was a nice sunny day, I was out with some friends playing hoops. I was going for a rebound, landed on my mates foot and broke my ankle. At first, it just was allot of pain, so I laid down. That was a wise choice, because when I tried to get up the pain exploded and I nearly lost my conches. So I was taken to the hospital and after a short while they knew my ankle was broken and they had to operate it immediately or it would be so swollen that they had to wait another two days for the swelling to go down. I didn’t get much of this stuff, because I was high on painkillers and could care less of what was going on around me.

But after the operation I woke up in a hospital bed, didn´t remember much and was in allot of pain. That was the first time I realized, that my life may not go on and on forever. I have to say, I´m a lousy at being sick. most of the time I´m angry with my body for not functioning properly and generally being grumpy. But this time was different. I was not grumpy, I was scared. I could not sleep that night because I was in pain on the one hand, but also I had so many thoughts running around my head on the other. The snoring old man in my room did his part as well.

This was my first real injury, the first time my bodie failed me on a big scale. That got me thinking about death, about what was going to happen when I die and so on and so on. Not knowing when it’s going to happen is the best and the worst part. Not knowing what will happen after is second. I soon stopped thinking about this things, they just made me sad and that’s not how I am. So I started to enjoy myself a little more, not tanking everything for granted and I started to write. For there shall be something left of me, when the reeper cuts my down.

Ah, yes and before I forget it: I don’t want to die a boring death, I want it to be an anecdote that will be remembered for all eternity. Like the villain in Despicable Me 2: Riding a shark full of dynamite in an active volcano. Something like that 🙂

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