The Mirror Crack`d- how my world would change without mirrors

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: „The Mirror Crack’d.“

Hello again, I know it is my second post of the day, no one wants to read this much, I know, god, get off my back. Anyway, here is how my world would change if all the mirrors crack´d. On the first morning I think I wouldn´t really notice, because in general I wake up so late, that I have barley any time to eat my breakfast and take a shower. But I think my girlfriend will notice eventually, because she can see even the smallest of changes around the house and she uses the mirror more than me. But it would be a funny sight when i come to university and see allot of girls and quite a lot of boys running around from restroom to restroom to see of if they could find a mirror of any kind. I don’t think it will take a whole lot of time for people to realize, that although we don’t have any more mirrors we have other technologies to see our own face. So, there. It would be an inconvenience for most, a disaster for science, because allot of the equipment is now use less, but all in all I think my life would not change that much if i one day wake up and all the mirrors are gone. it would take some time, but eventually everything will go back to normal.

That was not what I was expecting when I started to write this post, but you never know. I thought it would somehow be more exiting, it sounded great but the result is somehow disappointing. You may now complain that I stole 3 minutes of you time, I am truly sorry…

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