The letter that was never meant to be…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: „Dear Mom.“

Dear Mom,

How have you been since the last time we saw each outher? My life has taken a turn for the worse, my relationship with my girlfriend is going down the sink, my job sucks and life at the University is not getting any easier. Its times like this that I would love to come back home and leave my sorrows all behind. 

I know, we have never bin that close, manly because I kept everything in my live close to my chest and at some point you couldn’t been bothered to ask how I was and what was new in my live. „Not much“, would have been the answer anyway. We never relay fought, you left me my space and I took it gladly. But sometimes I wish you would have shown more interest in me, shown me that you cared. Perhaps you have and I was just to blind to see it. I have a feeling that I don’t even relay know you. Sure, when we where living in the same house I was aware of what was going on around me. But I don’t relay know about your past. I don´t know how you and dad meet, I don´t know what your favourite colour is, I don’t know what dreams you had when you where my age and where pregnant for the first time. How it was for you to take care of four Children with you partner touring the World, trying to keep his family save fanacialy. All this things I would like to know, but there never seam to be a good time or a good place to talk. When we talk on the phone, we barley exchange informations about our live, its more like a reminder call, that we still know the outer one is still there hand has not jet forgotten the opposites name. In a way this makes me very sad, but in the hectic world around me I have barely time to bemoan the lose, but I have a feeling that when I have children of my own and they ask about her grandmother there will be a big lump in my through and a tear in my eye. I hope some day we my find the time to talk as friends about your past and maybe about mine too.

All my love is your, your son

P.S.: That was a quit emotional daily-post, because I have not the easiest of relationships with my mother. But it was fun and I hope you enjoyed it too. Once again sorry for the bad english 🙂

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