Practice makes Perfekt- the Piano

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: „Practice Makes Perfect?.“

I´m not a very creative person, but I love music. I can play the guitar a bit, but the instrument that has always caught my eye and imagination is the Piano. Whenever I see one start imagining what it would look like if I could just sit down and bust out a Tune. Everyone can play the guitar, it is highly expected of everyone in the Post-Nirvana-Generation. Growing up as a boy in the 90s without being able to play „Smells like Teenspirit“ and now the good-for-every-occasion „Wounderwall“ was just not possible. If you refused to play the guitar you where throwing away a sure opportunity o get laid. Everyone knows that the guy with the nice singing voice and the guitar always gets the girls.

But here is the thing: The Piano is an even mightier Girls-Magnet. You dont even have to play that well to make a nice sound, you dont have to sing to attract a maid and a guy playing the piano always looks cool. if only my parents have send me to learn to play the Piano, my hole live would be different. I would play and play, everyone will look at me and think „Dam, that dude is really good“ and all the girls would immediately take an interest in what i would look like naked. That’s my dream. But, as always, I cannot be bothered

P.S.: Its my first post in english, so excuse my bad language. Its going to get better i hope 🙂

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