Valar Morghulis- The Day I realized I´m not immortal

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: „Finite Creatures.“

I had never given it much thought to be honest until one day I broke my leg. It was a nice sunny day, I was out with some friends playing hoops. I was going for a rebound, landed on my mates foot and broke my ankle. At first, it just was allot of pain, so I laid down. That was a wise choice, because when I tried to get up the pain exploded and I nearly lost my conches. So I was taken to the hospital and after a short while they knew my ankle was broken and they had to operate it immediately or it would be so swollen that they had to wait another two days for the swelling to go down. I didn’t get much of this stuff, because I was high on painkillers and could care less of what was going on around me.

But after the operation I woke up in a hospital bed, didn´t remember much and was in allot of pain. That was the first time I realized, that my life may not go on and on forever. I have to say, I´m a lousy at being sick. most of the time I´m angry with my body for not functioning properly and generally being grumpy. But this time was different. I was not grumpy, I was scared. I could not sleep that night because I was in pain on the one hand, but also I had so many thoughts running around my head on the other. The snoring old man in my room did his part as well.

This was my first real injury, the first time my bodie failed me on a big scale. That got me thinking about death, about what was going to happen when I die and so on and so on. Not knowing when it’s going to happen is the best and the worst part. Not knowing what will happen after is second. I soon stopped thinking about this things, they just made me sad and that’s not how I am. So I started to enjoy myself a little more, not tanking everything for granted and I started to write. For there shall be something left of me, when the reeper cuts my down.

Ah, yes and before I forget it: I don’t want to die a boring death, I want it to be an anecdote that will be remembered for all eternity. Like the villain in Despicable Me 2: Riding a shark full of dynamite in an active volcano. Something like that 🙂

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The Mirror Crack`d- how my world would change without mirrors

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: „The Mirror Crack’d.“

Hello again, I know it is my second post of the day, no one wants to read this much, I know, god, get off my back. Anyway, here is how my world would change if all the mirrors crack´d. On the first morning I think I wouldn´t really notice, because in general I wake up so late, that I have barley any time to eat my breakfast and take a shower. But I think my girlfriend will notice eventually, because she can see even the smallest of changes around the house and she uses the mirror more than me. But it would be a funny sight when i come to university and see allot of girls and quite a lot of boys running around from restroom to restroom to see of if they could find a mirror of any kind. I don’t think it will take a whole lot of time for people to realize, that although we don’t have any more mirrors we have other technologies to see our own face. So, there. It would be an inconvenience for most, a disaster for science, because allot of the equipment is now use less, but all in all I think my life would not change that much if i one day wake up and all the mirrors are gone. it would take some time, but eventually everything will go back to normal.

That was not what I was expecting when I started to write this post, but you never know. I thought it would somehow be more exiting, it sounded great but the result is somehow disappointing. You may now complain that I stole 3 minutes of you time, I am truly sorry…

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That was a close one…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: „Grand Slam.“

It was my last Semester of university and i was nearly done with all my exams. I studied physics by the way, not my proudest moment, but I was quiet good at it. At the time, like most students I had a job to pay the bills and because the day time was occupied by lectures and learning I worked at night in a night club. Nothing fancy, just your regular club in a not so big town.

Anyway, I had been working three nights in a row, the Weekend and a concert and I was quit worn out. Then my Boss called, if I wanted to work for the fourth night, the night before my last exam. I knew it would be absolutely stupid to work, because it was a math exam and I had slept a combined 20 hours over the last four nights. But he kept begging and begging and offering more and more money for the shift until I finally said yes. The shift was not so bad, but it started at 11:30 pm and I was barely able to keep my eyes open. All the coffee in the world could not shake of this feeling of exhaustion and so I tried a different approach: I drank two shots of vodka. That might seam stupid, but it really works. I was less tired and I could finish my shift with ease. But having not slept for so long I was afraid to go to sleep after my shift. So I stayed up und before the exam started i drank another shot of vodka. I only have a wage memory of the exam, but at the end i was sure I had failed. I just went to bed and slept for the rest of the day and all night.

But, after one week the results came back and I aced it. I only got some Points reduced, because the professor was not able to read my handwriting. But that was and will be for all time my „Grand Slam“. I would not recommend it…

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The letter that was never meant to be…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: „Dear Mom.“

Dear Mom,

How have you been since the last time we saw each outher? My life has taken a turn for the worse, my relationship with my girlfriend is going down the sink, my job sucks and life at the University is not getting any easier. Its times like this that I would love to come back home and leave my sorrows all behind. 

I know, we have never bin that close, manly because I kept everything in my live close to my chest and at some point you couldn’t been bothered to ask how I was and what was new in my live. „Not much“, would have been the answer anyway. We never relay fought, you left me my space and I took it gladly. But sometimes I wish you would have shown more interest in me, shown me that you cared. Perhaps you have and I was just to blind to see it. I have a feeling that I don’t even relay know you. Sure, when we where living in the same house I was aware of what was going on around me. But I don’t relay know about your past. I don´t know how you and dad meet, I don´t know what your favourite colour is, I don’t know what dreams you had when you where my age and where pregnant for the first time. How it was for you to take care of four Children with you partner touring the World, trying to keep his family save fanacialy. All this things I would like to know, but there never seam to be a good time or a good place to talk. When we talk on the phone, we barley exchange informations about our live, its more like a reminder call, that we still know the outer one is still there hand has not jet forgotten the opposites name. In a way this makes me very sad, but in the hectic world around me I have barely time to bemoan the lose, but I have a feeling that when I have children of my own and they ask about her grandmother there will be a big lump in my through and a tear in my eye. I hope some day we my find the time to talk as friends about your past and maybe about mine too.

All my love is your, your son

P.S.: That was a quit emotional daily-post, because I have not the easiest of relationships with my mother. But it was fun and I hope you enjoyed it too. Once again sorry for the bad english 🙂

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Practice makes Perfekt- the Piano

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: „Practice Makes Perfect?.“

I´m not a very creative person, but I love music. I can play the guitar a bit, but the instrument that has always caught my eye and imagination is the Piano. Whenever I see one start imagining what it would look like if I could just sit down and bust out a Tune. Everyone can play the guitar, it is highly expected of everyone in the Post-Nirvana-Generation. Growing up as a boy in the 90s without being able to play „Smells like Teenspirit“ and now the good-for-every-occasion „Wounderwall“ was just not possible. If you refused to play the guitar you where throwing away a sure opportunity o get laid. Everyone knows that the guy with the nice singing voice and the guitar always gets the girls.

But here is the thing: The Piano is an even mightier Girls-Magnet. You dont even have to play that well to make a nice sound, you dont have to sing to attract a maid and a guy playing the piano always looks cool. if only my parents have send me to learn to play the Piano, my hole live would be different. I would play and play, everyone will look at me and think „Dam, that dude is really good“ and all the girls would immediately take an interest in what i would look like naked. That’s my dream. But, as always, I cannot be bothered

P.S.: Its my first post in english, so excuse my bad language. Its going to get better i hope 🙂

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